About IKS

The Association for the Promotion of Inclusion through Cultural and Sporting Activities (IKS in German) was founded in April 2015 by people with a shared passion for sports and culture, with many years of experience under their belt working with special groups of people. By utilizing sports and cultural activities, the non-profit association IKS makes a significant contribution to inclusiveness. The main focus lies in working with children and adolescents in order to teach them how to deal with special groups of people as early as possible. The registered office of the non-profit association is in Graz and the main field of application is mainly in Styria.

INCLUSION as the opposite of exclusion stands for active participation of all people in societal life. No one shall be excluded on the basis of any characteristic. No matter whether young or old, with a physical and/or intellectual impairment, migration background or persons with care responsibilities. Everyone is an equal individual regardless of their personal support needs. We stand for working together in society and want to promote this in a targeted manner.

Our APPROACH is to provide special offers as early as possible in order to get rid of shyness or inhibitions. SPORTS and CULTURE help us to approach people who are supposedly different and to pursue a common goal. FUN and JOY, in the exercise, in the music, in the life itself, are paramount to us.

Access to sports and cultural activities is often made difficult for special groups of people. Our OFFER ranges from sensitisation, information on targeted events for and with children and young people. In addition, our weekly RUN 4 TOLERANCE is a great opportunity for everyone to support us and to do something good for themselves. We use sport and culture as media to promote inclusion in society. We offer targeted events and projects open to ALL.

Especially in the sports field, we are in a unique position as an inclusive club, we mediate and exchange information with traditional sports clubs. We a part of the sporting union, we cooperate with kindergartens, schools, clubs, and institutions such as Special Olympics. With our dance and theatre festival InTaKT we are further demonstrating that an impairment is not an obstacle to active and passive participation in cultural events.