IMG_20140305_172159From a mother of a teenager with an intellectual disability:
The time my son was able to spend with Christoph Kreinbucher was an enrichment for everyone involved:

  • This experience built a bridge to the “normal world” for my son. He had a lot of fun and positive experiences thanks to the competent support.
  • Uninitiated children and young people were given the opportunity to get to know a person with Down’s syndrome through games and sports. Barriers disintegrated easily and feelings of community and team spirit with disabled people developed quickly.
  • As a mother, I was relieved at this time and felt deep joy, how happy my son was about the meeting with Christoph.

Thank you for the wonderful time!

iks1Parents of a young person with physical and intellectual disabilities:
This comes as a great relief because most of the time you always have to organize everything yourself in support of your special needs child. In addition, parents can use this time to do sports as well. Knowing that our child is well looked after, it is a great enrichment for everyone to try out t skills in a heterogeneous group like the IKS association. Like us, other parents can learn to “let go” without any worries and pursue their own needs.


A young person from the NMS about the project ” Inclusive Tennis”:
I liked the project “Inclusive Tennis very much. At some stations, it was barely noticeable that the Lebenshilfe members had disabilities. All the different disciplines were a lot of fun but the most fun was definitely wheelchair tennis. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. It was interesting to learn that people who are slightly affected are still in good spirits and very skillful. By and large, the project was a great success!


Participant of the summer swimming courses:
“I liked the swimming course very much and I learned quite a lot from you guys. You were able to teach me so much over the course of a few days. I would find it very funny if I could come back in the next school year because I felt that this would be very good for me. It was also a ton of fun to work with all of you.

IMG_20151216_103155Psychology trainee about her experiences in the association IKS:
At the association IKS I learned not only to put theory into practice, I also gained a lot of personal experience. As it is my first internship in working with this special target group, I was often uncertain at the beginning when it came to behaving adequately in certain situations. The team has always stood behind me and I often received valuable tips on how to deal naturally with the children and young people. Thanks to everyone’s enormous support, I have not only been able to gain a lot of practical experience but have also been able to learn a lot about myself. The appreciative treatment within the association was very helpful for me.