Multi-cultural sports tournament

Also in the school year 2016/17, we are represented with our project-based work from get-go. At the end of September, we were at the NMS Kepler Graz, where we were allowed to arrange a multi-cultural sports morning. The children had the opportunity to try out different sports. To this end, it is particularly important to learn about sporting disciplines that children are unfamiliar with or have very little practice in, but which enjoy great popularity in other countries.

The various stations consisted of table tennis, stick shooting, cricket, and kubb. Cricket is a popular sport in countries such as India, Australia, and Afghanistan. The basics of the game were introduced to the children by a real cricket pro.

The game kubb is a game from Norway and Sweden that requires dexterity. Two teams compete against each other. The players try to knock over or “cut” the opponent’s wooden blocks (Kubb = Chunk) by throwing sticks. Despite the icy temperatures that morning, the young people were very enthusiastic about it.


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